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Its tail is also wierd, as ceratopsid tails did not stay parralel to the ground like in other dinosaurs. ARK’s ankylosaurus is highly exaggerated in terms of its armor. It is covered in a wide variety of spikes, including on the tail and legs. Styracosaurus is a medium-sized Ceratopsid that is famous for its incredibly long nose horn and wide array of spikes on its frill. This wide array of horns, while useful on the defense, might not have been its main purpose. If it purely for defense, then one would assume it and its relatives would look relatively the same, as a “meta” would form over what horn structures are the best defensively.

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  • ARK’s dimorphodon also has pycnofibers on its wing membranes, which would completely screw up the wing’s aerodynamic structure and make it unable to fly.
  • Not only is it oversized, having the old adult estimation of 30ft/9m, but also is semi-aquatic, which the baryonyx most likely was not despite its fish-eating lifestyle.
  • It is around 4x larger than the real animal, with ARK’s dire wolf being around the size of a rhino.
  • Argentavis, at 23ft/7m wide, was the largest flying bird to have ever existed.
  • Monitor Lizard venom, including the Komodo Dragon’s, is very docile compared to venomous snakes, and they don’t actually use it as a hunting strategy like snakes do.
  • It served as a Friday mosque during the time when the emir of Bukhara was being subjugated under the Bolshevik Russian rule in 1920s.
  • A great mid-range predator, the carnotaurus is fast and inflicts significantly more damage than a raptor.

Jaekelopterus is the largest of the famous arthropod group known as the animal fleshlight euryperids, or sea scorpions. These close relatives of the modern scorpions were elite predators, that even though they generally weren’t top predators, were extremely diverse and common. Jaekelopterus in paticular is an example of how diverse sea scorpions were. Jaekelopterus was a freshwater eurypterid, which is not common in the group.

On 14 September 1920, the All-Bukharan Revolutionary Committee was set up, headed by A. The government—the Council of People’s Nazirs (see nāẓir)—was presided over by Faizullah Khojaev. The taming level will slowly increase as they eat the food, but their unconscious level will also decrease. You will need to highlight the Narcoberries or Narcotics in their inventory and click the button that allows you to use an item in order to force-feed it to them to keep them asleep. For more industrial resource connection, having a dedicated team of Doedicurus can be extremely handy.


It is also one of the few extinct animal species we have determined the exact coloration of. Arthropleura is the largest land invertebrate known to exist. At 8ft long it was also the largest of the massive bugs that appeared at the time. Arthropleura is mostly known from its tracks rather than actual skeletal remains. The skeletal remains we do have of it, are not its head, so the mystery remains as to whether this creature was a carnivore or a herbivore. This creature was a giant that roamed the carboniferous swamps, with its only potential predators being the large amphibians that roam the waters of arthropleura’s swamp home.

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The red knot bird is a shorebird that likes to prey on small clams, marine worms, crustaceans, horseshoe crab eggs, and snails. These fish are able to live up to 100 years and are able to grow anywhere between six inches and three feet in size. These monkeys are incredibly resilient to extreme weather, whether it be the hot, dry heat of the desert or the snowy, freezing winds of the Himalayas.

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Observations in the skeleton has shown that basilosaurus was a fairly lethargic animal. Its muscles did not allow it to go to remotely deep depths or cruise for long periods of time. This suggests that it hunted akin to a shark, waiting for weakness in prey before attacking in a quick burst of speed. Pachycephalosaurus is one of the more obscure species seen in media.

At 30ft/9m long, it was no small dinosaur, but at the same time, it was incredibly lean. The animal was remarkably skinny and lightweight, making it one of the fastest carnivorous non-avian theropods of all time. Studies of the tail show that the tail was so full of muscle for running that it was incredibly stiff, making sharp turns nearly impossible. The pair of horns in paticular are iconic to carnotaurus and are what give this species it’s easily recognizable image. What they were used for is not known, but it was most likely for either display or competition with other individuals. The head is also remarkably small and its bulldog-like face make it have a fairly weak bite force for how large the animal is.

ARK’s megalodon cannot really be that critisized due to the fact it’s diffcult to get wrong what you only know the jaws for. The only possible critisism I can give it is that it’s based too much on a Great White Shark, when in reality it most likely was not just an oversized great white clone. Pelagornis is a member of extinct shorebirds called the false-tooth birds. This family of seabirds, closest related to ducks and geese today, are given their name by ridges on their beaks which are the shape of and function the same as actual teeth. These birds are also known for being really large, with pelagornis in paticular being the largest and most successful of the group.

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Alpha predators were added with the intention of making the game more difficult. The number one issue ARK’s dire wolf is once again it being oversized. It is around 4x larger than the real animal, with ARK’s dire wolf being around the size of a rhino. The direwolf is a wolf species that is closesly related to the modern gray wolf, only much more muscular and powerful. This species was incredibly common during the Ice Age, with many of its fossils found in the La Brea Tar Pits. They behaved similar to modern wolves, living and hunting in very large packs to take down large prey.