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Chrome Leather Linner

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Chrome Leather friction Belt

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We manufacture Leather Friction Linners with carefully selected hides of a heavy animal origin processed / tanned in-house with the utmost technology with special self-formulated tanning chemicals and put into test for the specific required specific properties like sore hardness, tensile strength, heat resistance and co-efficient of friction to steel / cast steel before it is being made to friction belts.
We fabricate Leather Friction Linner/Belts for Friction Screw Presses of capacity ranging from 20 MT to 4000 MT. Suitable to flywheels for Indigenous presses like Amic, Ameteep, Basant, Birson, Binny, Godrej, Hari, Kalsi, NKH, etc., and other country made Friction Screw Press makes like Berrenberg, Beche, Bothe, Dellavia, Edelhoff, Enomoto, Eumuco, Ficep, FTB, Gamei, Greenbhat, Hasenclever, Hilu, ILR, Kierserling, Lasco, Lindemann, Osterwalder, Rovetta, Schuler, Siempelkamp, Stanko, Tayler & Chelan, Vaccari, Weingartan, Zarz, Zdas, etc.

The construction of the flywheel determines the design of the leather friction belt. To receive our offer and to place an order with us we may be requiring certain dimensions and data’s to design the suitable friction belts for the flywheel of your friction screw presses. Referring to the below drawing please intimate us the dimensions in all your enquiries and orders.

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